Think you're up to a challenge? Spintastic is a highly addictive, color based puzzle game for all ages. Easy to play: Simply tap a spinner to rotate it, or swipe on a spinner to make a ball move in that direction. The object of the game is simple: Fill each slot of the spinners with colored balls, sometimes with the same colors, and sometimes following a pattern. Complete each level by filling the slots of all spinners.

Begin with some simple tutorials and work your way up to fast-paced, finger-twisting fun with multiple ball colors, score multipliers, colored gates, colored painters, one way tracks, teleporters, and spinner patterns to follow. Enjoy the beautiful graphics and background music as you play through each world. See if you can master all 60 levels!

Game features:
  • 60 challenging levels
  • 4 dazzling worlds
  • Fast paced action
  • Catchy, mood setting music
  • Collect time and score medals to unlock extra levels
  • Hours of addictive entertainment

Recommended for anyone that likes addictive, high quality, action packed, and fun-for-the-whole-family puzzle games.

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